4 Chatbots Applications for Your Business

Chatbots are becoming popular for businesses to interact with customers via a messaging application to give them access to more information,  start a conversation, or route them to a customer service agent.

With so many practical applications, choosing a chatbot solution for your business may seem challenging. Here are a few options to start with:

1. FAQs

Chatbots are ideal for greeting customers engaging on your website and answering their frequently asked questions via an interactive session. Customers save time by selecting pre-set questions and receiving immediate answers via a command-based chatbot instead of manually calling and waiting for an agent to respond.

2. Support/Troubleshooting

Chatbots can provide clients with immediate customer support and help them troubleshoot potential issues such as technical difficulties, and pre-sales or after-sales support. They can address limited queries in this regard and further refer the customer to an agent if needed.

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3. Meeting scheduler

Chatbots act as an efficient booking agent or appointment scheduler by providing available timetables. Consulting companies, medical practitioners and other professionals should use chatbots to their advantage to automate the way they book meetings or appointments.

4. Informative

Chatbots can assist with collecting essential customer data right from the source, such as names and contact info, and learning about their preferences and interests.

Collecting first-party information is critical for many companies that have to undergo stringent regulatory policies about third-party customer data management.

Customer data collected via the chatbot can be used to provide quick informative content to the clients logged in on the website, informing them about upcoming promotions, discounts, giveaways and other offers.

The goal is to stimulate interaction and time spent on the website, as well as to increase the potential revenue through cross-selling and up-selling.

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