6 Awesome Top Tech Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

There are a bunch of cool tech gadgets flooding the markets. Here are some that will blow your mind and might even surprise you. Consider purchase of some of these fine toys that will keep you tech savvy and entertained.

  1. RED Smartphone

A new innovative smartphone that is manufactured by RED, is soon to be available for gadget freaks. The main point of focus of this smartphone is its holographic camera, which gives you a 3D video viewing experience.

  1. Apple’s Homeport

Apple seems to be determined by bringing a whole new experience in listening to music. It’s a powerful smart speaker. The Homepod speaker claims to be fully integrated with Siri and Apple Music store. It has special built-in sensors to adapt to your surroundings and produce rich and dynamic sound quality, giving you the best possible experience as a music fan.

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  1. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Here is a wonderful gadget for all those health-conscious people out there. The Fitbit Alta fitness tracker device is a smart-wear which you can wear on your wrist and track your health and fitness anywhere.

  1. Nintendo Gameboy by Hyperkin

Gaming freaks are going to experience some newly added features in this Nintendo Gameboy gaming console which is developed by Hyperkin which is insanely cool.

  1. Echo Show

This new Echo Show is a voice-controlled hands-device that allows you to:

  • Watch videos
  • Listen to music
  • See song lyrics
  • Chat with your friends and family
  • Make video calls

The list just doesn’t seem to end here, there’s plenty more things that this hands-free smart device can do to make your personal and social life easier and more entertaining.

  1. Amazon Echo

The online E-commerce giant has come up with their device called Amazon Echo. The device can be controlled by voice command as this device has an inbuilt artificial assistant named Alexa amazon gadgets. You can speak with Alexa and get weather updates, ask to play music, turn the device’s lights on and off and all these with just your voice command.

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  • Damn! This really helped me, i would not have known about these assign as i did, if i did not read this blog. Will definitely be getting my hands on some of these gadgets very soon!

  • This was a great article about tech gadgets to look out for. Definitely getting my hands on Amazon’s Echo.

  • I love the holographic idea behind the new RED smartphone. Finally all the 90’s kids that enjoyed the ‘Spy Kids’ films when they were young, can now come close to the experience of innovative and interactive holographic technology.

    The Apple Homepod speaker appeals not only to music fans, but also to those that simply crave sound quality that adapts itself to the acoustics of the room, whether it be through a bluetooth smartphone, or sound efficiency from the television. Love it!

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