6 things all welcome emails should do – Part 2

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so when someone signs up to receive your emails your first communication needs to blow them out of the water.  A welcome email is your chance to build a lasting relationship with your new subscriber.

In Part one of our post we looked at three things a great welcome email should do. In this part we look at the remaining three things.

Show your personality

Feel free to include elements that show of your brand’s personality in the welcome email. It’s a great way to give your new subscribers a feel for what you’re about and set yourself apart from the competition. Use this opportunity to tell a story, or address a big problem in a unique way like only you can.

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Encourage engagement

Encourage your new subscriber to engage with you either through social media, comments sections or other means to allow them to voice their opinions etc. on the content you deliver. At the end of the day you want your new subscriber to do more than just read your emails. You want to spur them to take some sort of action either engage in debate, share the content, sign up for something or buy something.

A personal sign-off

The last thing a great welcome email has is a personalised sign off.  This is your chance to leave your reader on a positive note. You should aim to include a signature with a real person’s name, not just a company name. This is great relationship builder and functions similarly to personalising the email.

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