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Augmented Reality: Why Your Business Should Invest in This Technology

Augmented reality (AR) has quickly swept into the world of marketing; fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of modern marketing. What many companies are unsure of, however, is whether AR is suitable for their business needs.

For those not in the know, AR offers a merging of the real and the virtual world, whereby digital overlays or digital add-ons are inserted into video.  We believe that AR offers a valuable investment for almost any business, which is why we’ve compiled this short list to demonstrate potential uses for AR for any company:

Virtual Tours

AR offers the fantastic capability to lead clients, customers and business partners on virtual tours of properties, warehouses, building sites and so much more! With AR’s functionality, one can guide your partners and clients through areas located on the other side of the world, all from the comfort of your office.

Better training

AR offers incredible functionality when it comes to training and education. With AR, one can guide new recruits through a training course that enables them to try out concepts until they get it right. This type of training can be used to enforce repeat-behaviours, experience situations that are expensive or complicated to replicate in real life and lower the costs of instruction.

Virtual reality walkthroughs (virtual tours) allows you to tap into your customers’ emotions by taking them on a tour of your offering from the comfort of their chair.  They present a unique opportunity for venues, art galleries, museums, restaurants,  hotels and property developers to win business, speed up the sales cycle and showcase their offerings.

Try before you buy

Consumers are increasingly product- and service savvy: attuned to customer reviews and added benefits. AR enables one the ability to offer “try before you buy” services, allowing potential customers to experience the benefits of your business prior to buy-in, enabling your business to demonstrate confidence in your product or service and showcase.

AR can be used for the development of virtual shopping experiences, object visualisation, creating improved customer service experiences and so much more. AR is a truly valuable service, attracting a wider audience, improving interactions, generating buzz and enabling businesses to provide  personalised content to improve engagement.

Virtual reality videos have the power to grow your business and they are a fun element to create. If you’re looking to take your businesses marketing campaign to the next level with a professional virtual reality marketing strategy, contact Digital Cloud today!
Keegan Long
Keegan Long

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