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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How To Effectively Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer This Month (In Marketing Terminology) & What You Can Do To Stay Ahead

Breast Cancer kills almost 41 000 people each year. The disease manifests as malignant cancer cells form in the tissues of the breast – and can affect both men and women. Breast cancer awareness month highlights the impact of breast cancer on victims, families & the community, as well as encourages others to raise awareness & funds for future cancer research projects, and to provide healthcare resources for people in need.

As Digital Cloud is a digital marketing agency in Johannesburg, South Africa, it is our job is to find the very best ways to successfully promote products & services for various brands in South Africa & Abroad.

We Thought It Would Be Useful To Provide Some Insight On What An Awareness Campaign Is & How You Can Effectively Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer This October:

 The process of advertising involves encoding a message into a particular ad format and sending it through a channel to be decoded by the targeted consumer. When the targeted consumer receives the encoded message – which, in digital marketing terms, is a combination of textual, graphic &/or audio stimuli – they decode it according to their pre-existing knowledge, societal norms and personal biases. Once the message has been decoded subjectively by the target consumer, it conveys a particular perception, which may be either positive or negative. This perception can influence the consumer to act. This entire process happens in a few seconds.

A goal in advertising simply means what the purpose of running the ad will result in for the person or company running the ad. Ads can have many different goals, although they most commonly involve generating more leads; increasing sales & revenue; increasing awareness and increasing engagement.

Ads have a variety of different channels through which they are run. Channels are the medium through which the encoded message is sent to the consumer. Channels include Social Media Platforms; Emails; Billboards/Posters/Signs; TV; Radio; YouTube etc. As technology evolves, marketing channels evolve with.

Targeted Consumer (known as the “target market”) is the audience or group that you want to receive the ad – as they are most likely the people who will engage with your product or service.

Now that you understand what advertising is – let’s apply these marketing concepts to raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

The Brand Behind the Awareness Campaign:

National Breast Cancer Foundation


The Target Audience:


Campaign Duration:



The Colour Pink

Encoded Message Formats:

Anything & Everything – Feel free to get creative. Although, popular communication formats in 2022 have audio & visual elements. Examples include Infographics, Static Ad Images, YouTube Explainer Videos, E-pamphlets or E-brochures, TikTok Videos, Blogs & Articles.

The channel:

Every and any means through which your encoded message can be sent out and received by someone else. We’re focusing on digital platforms though – so examples you can use are Social Media; Instant Messaging Platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Website Articles (blogs), Google Ads. Get creative.

The Goal:

  • Educating others to develop a greater understanding of breast cancer & the impact it has globally
  • Encouraging others to act: To raise awareness and/or donating to cancer research & support initiatives.

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Keegan Long
Keegan Long

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