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Digital trends that are shaping 2018

posted on May 22, 2018 / IN Content Marketing / 2 Comments

There is a new wave of digital technology washing up on our shore. Futuristic, fun and innovative technologies are being launched into the market, gushing in a new way of engagement. It is still uncertain as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. People seem to be losing touch with reality and would rather touch there touch screen computers and smartphones, but there is another side to the coin, new technologies are giving us access to faster services and convenient living.

These devices are changing the way we interact and engage with people, but are also incredibly beneficial to the human race. Google is currently trialling visual search in its Google Lens feature. Pinterest has a similar feature called Pinterest Lens, and Amazon’s CamFind helps shoppers locate a real-world items in Amazon’s inventory by snapping a photo.

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Visual search is yet another trend closely related to the growing maturity of technologies such as image recognition. With visual search, you simply point your smartphone’s camera at a work of art, a building, a household appliance or even a part for your car and the visual search app will immediately identify the object and direct you to the sites where you can purchase it online.

Other technologies that are being launched in 2018 are chatbots, augmented reality and video that has transformed the way we use our mobile devices. Some recent digital and mobile trends that are likely to unfold during 2018 are expected to carry out a number of complex tasks. Powered by machine learning computer systems that learn from experience without being programmed and Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing allows us to speak or type to computers in our usual sentences, simplifying our interface with devices and apps. When it comes to consumer VR, the technology gaming dominates the landscape.

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By Alister Ho


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    • Zac
      Posted on August 23, 20182:29 pm Reply

      Such an interesting read. Being involved in the digital generation it is so interesting to the the expansion of the digital technology being used. Always looking for news means to use digitally to facility marketing and I believe the introduction of Chatbots is going to undoubtingly change the digital marketing game! Looking forward to the future of the industry.

    • Dewald van der Merwe
      Posted on August 23, 20188:44 pm Reply

      I agree that we must embrace the new technology and implement it into digital marketing. The trends that are name like chatbots, augmented reality, video and visual search will transform the digital marketing industry. The trend I feel will be the most influential is visual search, because it is a whole new way of searching for something on the web. Using your phone to take a picture of a building or an appliance and the internet redirecting you to the website where you can buy it. Visual search will definitely be used by big e-commerce websites, such as Takealot where an individual can take a picture of a television and they will be redirected to the e-commerce site where they can make the purchase.

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