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Effective Video Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

Video marketing remains in the top preferences of content marketers to generate brand awareness and increase leads. If you are already leveraging the power of video marketing, know that the video landscape is changing, too. Here are some strategies to consider.

Use video to strengthen SEO

It’s not enough to use video to promote your product. You need to incorporate video in your content marketing strategy. Think of video campaigns as a vital part of the sales process. Ideally, you want the audience to immerse in the messaging and take action after watching the video.

Use video to grab attention and create a memorable viewing experience for your target market to take the next step to buy your product or visit your website. However, ensure the video content is compelling enough to boost your search ranking, too. Combining video marketing with your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy will help with that.

Video marketing involves incorporating videos into your digital marketing campaigns to promote your company, drive sales, raise awareness of your products or services, or engage your customers. Video marketing not only helps you connect with your audience but boosts information retention as well, meaning more people will remember your brand.

Engage through storytelling

Videos that create a convincing narrative and show the value of our brand are more likely to captivate the audience, keep their interest, and generate an emotional response.

Even so, companies often underestimate the power of a good story and choose the general sales pitch approach.

Use video to tell a story about your company and its people and showcase how your products or services can benefit customers. Focus on the unique differentiators in the business and highlight the value your brand provides through storytelling.

Personalise the video experience

The next trend gaining ground in video marketing is performance video, which opens the door to a more interactive and personalised video experience for the audience. Imagine that you can tailor the video to a specific market, based on their preferences and visual appeal.

Personalised videos create more user engagement, with the potential to increase leads and attract new audiences by making small changes, altering the messaging or video format, without jeopardising your campaign.

In the future, video marketing will be more likely used to capture the attention of the individual through dynamic content.

Increase engagement, audience reach and revenue with video marketing

At Digital Cloud, we do the work and come up with a tailor-made video marketing strategy that talks directly to your target audience. Contact us today. 

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Alister Ho

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