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How COVID-19 has changed marketing

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a drastic impact on our lives, from our personal, social and business activities. With business being put on pause around the world, marketers have had to come up with new ways to connect with their customers. Since it is likely we will have to learn how to live with the virus; these techniques could still be prevalent post-lockdown.

Budget cuts

Due to the economic shutdown, many marketing budgets have been cut. This has not only affected the marketing budget of the next few months but for the entire year and probably for 2021. Marketers will need to start thinking smart about reducing the current impact and realigning their strategies to manage the future best. Marketers will need to learn how to get the maximum out of a smaller budget. This is a huge aspect that marketers will need to consider for the future.

Change in consumer behaviour

This entire pandemic has caused consumers behaviours to shift dramatically as they have been forced to change their daily habits. Therefore, marketers need to come up with ways to change their marketing practices and strategies in order to suit these changing consumer behaviours. They will also have to consider how consumer behaviour will be affected in the long run due to this pandemic and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Marketing visual awareness

Marketers need to become hyper-aware of how they portray their brand. For example, as long as this virus remains a major global concern, it would be irresponsible for marketers if brands showed images of people touching, at a party and coughing without covering their mouths with a tissue, as this contradicts the current message of social distancing. Therefore marketers must ensure that all the imagery they use supports the government’s regulations like staying home and social distancing. This also ensures that the brand will not be seen as irresponsible and insensitive.

Shift to social media

 As people are staying home, they have been searching for ways to better connect with friends, family and brands. This pandemic has, in fact, highlighted the effectiveness and importance of social media marketing. By using social media, brands have been able to connect to their consumers without having to be operational. In the future, we could see more brands putting more focus on their online and social media presence as well as connecting with customers.

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Alister Ho
Alister Ho

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