How Do You Know When to Use Infographics?

Infographics are great. They help you tell stories in an exciting way that appeals to the visual side of your audience but you can’t go around using them willy-nilly. If you aren’t sure when you should be using infographics to get your message across you can use the following three questions as your guide.

Is the content difficult to understand in written form?

Infographics are great for communicating concepts that are difficult to understand in written form. If the story you’re trying to tell is number heavy or there is a chronological series of events you want to convey, then displaying these visually is a much better idea.

Charts, graphs and timelines are all great for getting these concepts across, they’re also more memorable especially if the data is significant. Which brings us to our next point.

An infographic is a visual representation of information designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance. People use infographics to quickly communicate a message, to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, to see data patterns and relationships, and to monitor changes in variables over time.

Is there enough significant data?

For your infographic to really have an impact on your audience, it needs to have enough compelling data to back it up. There also needs to be something statistically significant about the data. Without these factors you may just be grasping at straws or else your infographic is full of boring data that no one is really interested in. Either way this is not good.  Your data always needs to be well researched, relevant and accurate above all else.

Does my audience like infographics?

This one requires a little research and monitoring. In the past when you have published infographics how has your audience responded to them? Many people make the mistake of thinking that infographics are universal and they appeal to everyone but in actual fact this is something that has to be tested for each individual audience.

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