How Do You Pick a Social Media Platform for Your Business? – Part 1

With all the social media platforms available to market businesses today it’s hard not to want to join everything, but it’s important to remember that not every platform is for everyone. Your business is unique it has a unique set of goals and a unique audience.

Each social media network is aimed at a different set of people and by knowing what group your existing and potential customers fall into you can target the right social networks. Take a look at 6 of the biggest social media networks and who should be using them.


Facebook is one of the most powerful social network platforms in the world making it great for all businesses, because you know you will find most of your audience engaging on it.  This platform is perfect for companies with visually driven products because 93% of the most engaging content on Facebook contains images. When using the platform, it’s important to remember its best not to sell directly. Your audience wants to get to know what’s behind your brand and this platform is a great place to do that.

Social media marketing is the process of reaching prospects and customers, and acquiring traffic and visibility through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.


Twitter is ideal for businesses in the information and communication sector because of the immediacy of the platform. It’s the perfect place for breaking news, quick company updates, promoting new products or content and hosting brand contests. If you want instant feedback from your audience, Twitter is the platform for you. This is the place your audience goes to when they need to ask you a question and get a response these days so you need to stay on top of your Twitter account if you have one because response time is everything here.


LinkedIn is a great platform for business to business (B2B) companies, according to research 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. If you’re looking to grow connections in the business world this is the platform to do it. Service providers use Linkedin more than retailers simply because it’s a lot easier to talk about what your business does here. It’s also not a very visual medium which is something retailers need.

Lookout for part 2 of our post.

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