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How technology is changing business

posted on October 23, 2018 / IN Content Marketing / 0 Comments

The business world is changing, that much is true. Technology has propelled significant changes in the way we work in the last few decades. But what are some of the things we take for granted every day that has helped revolutionise the world of work? Let’s take a look:

1. Mobile

Mobile technology has enacted radical changes in the way we communicate and work. These days, you can essentially manage your business remotely, so long as your mobile device is loaded with the appropriate software. Consumers have also benefited from this development, as they can now use mobile devices to buy, sell, find information and share their retail experiences, all with the simple click of a button. Especially popular with the Millennial generation, this has opened up new marketing avenues and changed the way we approach marketing communications.

2. Cloud storage

Third-party data storage has allowed businesses, whether large or small, to move some of the logistics of their operations to third-party servers. This advancement has enabled rapid expansion, heightened mobility and variable data packages.

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3. Connectivity

As technology has advanced, it has become easier and easier to stay in touch. In a modern-day business, colleagues can communicate via mobile devices as a moment’s notice, and businesses can create targeted promotional methods to send to prequalified customers shopping nearby via email, all in real-time.

4. The changing face of consumers

Millennials are fast becoming the primary drive force behind business, stepping into their roles as workers and consumers. This generation is the most familiar with technology and will be responsible for making businesses more tech-savvy.

5. Social power

Business can no longer be managed as if in a vacuum. Social networking has brought the world closer together and ensured that geographic limitations, social status and financial background are no longer obstacles when it comes to connecting. Customers have more and more power due to online service- and product reviews. This has led to businesses being increasingly concerned about their social identity and digital footprint, leading to proactive management.

Technology is undoubtedly a dynamic and rapidly advancing force that will continue to impact business- ensuring that businesses will need to adapt or risk being left behind. To read the original article, click here.

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By Alister Ho

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