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How to Get the Best SEO for Your Brand: Connecting and Building Relationships

Want better SEO? Don’t we all… it sounds so intimidating, but with the right expert advice and the best marketing specialist by your side, you can rest assured that your website’s SEO is in safe hands.

There are many aspects to successful SEO. In this collection of articles, we’ll look at these different aspects and how they can improve the SEO of your brand.

Network with business partners

Get to know the right business partners and influencers in your field – search engine ranking machines take into consideration with whom you are connecting and engaging, which again emphasises that SEO is not necessarily about the volume of links but definitely the quality.

Network with fellow bloggers

Get in touch with fellow bloggers in your field and see if they are willing to write about you or your products – this can of course be done quid pro quo. Not only will you get traffic from those sites, but links from relevant sources in your field can boost your SEO and your website’s ranking. Remember to return the favour.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the name of the process used to optimise a website’s content, structure and quality in order to improve its organic visibility in search engines. SEO includes a number of processes such as keyword research, content development, site speed optimisation, structured title and description creation and improved website architecture.

Write testimonials

This is a great way to build relationships and goodwill besides the handy SEO. Contact your business partners and offer to write a testimonial for their website, then add a nice picture of yourself along with a link back to your site. This establishes your authenticity as well promotes you as an authority in your field.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts enables you to track any mention of your company on the internet. If you are mentioned, contact the person or site and thank them for the mention. Also ask if they would mind linking the mention to your website.

Create content that is top notch

The importance of getting high-quality backlinks in SEO cannot be underestimated, but you need to give people enough motivation to link back to your content on your website. So the key, really is having content that is engaging and two-way; content that interacts with and speaks to the visitor. The so what of this? Create content that is alive and the kind of content that people will want to share!

Driving traffic to your website is an important part of SEO. So is building relationships with the right people and ensuring that your website’s content is going to impress and not disappoint people when they do land on your pages. If you need help with any of these or want to improve your SEO, contact us at Digital Cloud today!
Keegan Long
Keegan Long

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