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Order Management System

With Körber’s trail-blazing Order Management System (OMS), we empower manufacturers and retailers to optimize their fulfilment processes, ensuring unforgettable customer experiences.

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Click & Collect

Allow customers to shop online and pickup from store.

In-Store eCommerce Fulfilment Solution

Pick orders directly from your store and deliver straight to your customer’s door.

Warehouse eCommerce Fulfilment Solution

Pick from your warehouse and deliver straight to your customer’s door.

What are your fulfilment challenges?

Growth in omnichannel fulfilment

Retailers are now prioritizing convenience and cost, adopting new omnichannel strategies like buy online pick up in-store (Click & Collect), ship-from-store, and ship-from-warehouse options to meet evolving consumer preferences.

Keeping up with technology

With the emergence of dedicated Order Management Systems (OMS), manufacturers and retailers now seek specialized solutions tailored for the complexities of omnichannel fulfilment, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

Workforce challenges

Global warehouses struggle with labour shortages due to booming eCommerce. Automation and OMS workflows offer solutions by streamlining processes and reducing human dependencies.

Cost-conscious consumers

Global consumers demand convenience and availability across all retail channels. Economic uncertainty and inflation have led to reduced flexible income, prompting retailers to rely on discounts and alternative payment options to move excess inventory.

Benefits of OMS

Optimize the order lifecycle

Streamlined processes address labour shortages and evolving consumer demands, ensuring efficiency amid workforce challenges.

Unforgettable customer experiences

Enhanced customer satisfaction through convenience and availability across all channels, meeting the expectations of cost-conscious consumers.

Unified physical and digital commerce

Seamlessly integrate new omnichannel strategies like Click & Collect and ship-from-store options, catering to evolving consumer preferences.

Improved inventory visibility

Prevent lost sales and stockouts amidst economic uncertainty by increasing visibility and optimizing inventory management.

Report: The Forrester Wave™

Discover why Körber’s OMS is recognized as a core player in the industry with The Forrester Wave™ report. With top scores in critical criteria such as inventory segmentation & allocation and reporting & analytics, our OMS is the optimal choice for firms prioritizing inventory management for drop shipping and marketplace selling. Download The Forrester Wave™ report to explore why Körber stands out as a leading OMS provider.

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Four Pillars of Order Management

How an Order Management System (OMS) seamlessly integrates supply and demand across the supply chain.

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How OMS Complements and Amplifies the WMS

Embark on a journey into the world of integrated OMS and WMS with a blog by the supply chain guru Matt Boland, Körber. Delve into the collaborative insights shared and uncover the transformative potential of combining OMS and WMS in your supply chain strategy.

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