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Slotting Solutions

Körber’s innovative Slotting Solution is designed to optimize inventory placements within warehouse storage areas, enhancing efficiency in order picking and replenishment processes. Partnering with us ensures improved staff productivity, higher order throughput, and more efficient use of limited storage space.

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Why Partner with iWMS

Specialized Guidance

Our dedicated advisors offer specialized guidance tailored to optimizing your warehouse’s slotting processes, ensuring efficient inventory management and order fulfilment.

Capability in Slotting Solutions

With deep expertise in slotting solutions, backed by industry leaders like Körber, we deliver innovative strategies and data-driven approaches to optimize your warehouse performance.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to seamless implementation and continuous optimization, our team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire slotting solution lifecycle, maximizing your operational efficiency and ROI.

Customized Solutions

Benefit from our expertise and tailored slotting solutions designed to address your specific inventory challenges and warehouse requirements, empowering you to achieve your business goals with precision and efficiency.

What are your inventory management challenges?

Workforce effiency

Picking and replenishment trips consume a massive part of the workforce’s time, hindering overall productivity.

Order processing delays

Lengthy order processing times lead to delayed or incomplete shipments, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Picking errors escalation

Inaccurate or inefficient item placement increases picking errors, compromising order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

ABC classification management complexity

Managing the evolving assortment of ABC classifications and finding optimal product placement near outbound processing areas presents challenges.

Risk of workplace injuries

Handling incorrectly placed items that are oversized or too heavy poses a risk of workplace injuries, jeopardizing safety, and morale.

Benefits of Slotting Solutions

Faster order picking and processing.

Increased on-time shipments.

Reduced picking errors.

Streamlined replenishment efforts.

Efficient space utilization.

Slotting Capabilities

Optimized item placement based on numerous factors.

Flexible re-slotting options for entire warehouses or zones.

Support for multiple slotting strategies.

Comparative analysis for better decision-making.

Enhanced picking efficiency with “Best Moves” analysis.

Effective placement for new products or lines.

Smarter Management for Complex, Dynamic Inventories

Discover how targeted inventory positioning, known as slotting, can revolutionize your picking and replenishment processes.

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