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Voice Solutions

iWMS seamlessly integrates advanced voice-directed solutions as an extension to Körber’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), revolutionizing warehouse workflows with enhanced efficiency and safety.

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Infographic: Voice Directed Working (VDW)

Read more on the transformative potential of voice technology in optimizing warehouse operations.

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What are your challenges?

Worker Shortages

Warehouses worldwide struggle to hire and keep enough staff, especially with eCommerce booming. This creates challenges in keeping workers safe and engaged.

Seasonal Peaks

Most warehouses have busy times during the year. These periods can make existing issues worse and create new problems to deal with.

Growing Demand

Warehouses are busier than ever as companies try to meet high customer expectations while saving money – turning to technology for help.

Adaptability Needs

Warehouses need technology that can change with them, helping businesses stay flexible and keep up with market changes.

Benefits of Voice

Voice-directed warehousing (VDW) provides a seamless and intuitive way to manage tasks through simple conversation. It allows for hands-free and eyes-free picking, boosting both productivity and accuracy.

Save Time and Resources

Increase productivity and save valuable resources.

Reduce Errors

Enhance accuracy and minimize mistakes.

Easy Training

Simplify training with user-friendly technology.

Improve Safety

Enhance job quality and safety for warehouse workers.

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