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Warehouse Management Systems

Experience optimized warehouse efficiency and control with Körber Supply Chain’s industry-leading Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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At iWMS, we’re committed to being your trusted advisor and partner every step of the way. Together, we’ll tackle complex supply chain and warehouse challenges head-on, leveraging the power of Körber’s customizable WMS. From the first stages of software sales to providing expert consulting, seamless implementation, integration and testing, and continuous support, we’ll be there to ensure your WMS journey is a success.

WMS Industry Insights

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial to have efficient warehouse solutions to manage complex supply chains and meet customer demands.

85% of global warehouse operations have implemented a WMS, indicating rapid adoption of technology.

  • Finding and keeping skilled staff.
  • Handling demand fluctuation during peak and off-peak seasons.
  • Dealing with increasing volumes of customer returns.
  • Meeting high customer expectations for fast and accurate deliveries.
  • Adapting to changes causes business disruptions.

These challenges mean warehouses need specific processes to work seamlessly:

  • Inventory visibility: Keeping track of many different products accurately.
  • Tailor solutions: Using unique business processes that need customized solutions.
  • Throughput accuracy: Being quick and accurate when moving large volumes of goods.
  • Integrations: Integrating technologies and material handling equipment (MHE) in the warehouse.
  • Managing Complex IT landscapes: Coordinating different software solutions and warehouse technology.

Supply chain investment has dramatically increased:

for cost reduction.
for automation.
for market expansion.

WMS RFP Template

The decision to purchase a WMS is crucial for your business’s success. Acknowledging the diversity in warehouse management systems, our RFP template serves as a tool to decide if iWMS aligns with your needs. We invite you to complete the template and discover why we’re the ideal choice for your WMS implementation.

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Why Partner with WMS?

successful WMS implementations
process improvement changes (COs)
years of combined Korber experience
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Our Proven WMS Implementation Methodology

Benefit from our expertise in WMS implementations backed by years of experience and a proven implementation process tailored to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance for your business.

Depending on the complexity and your specific requirements, the implementation process can be completed within 4 to 8 months.

Prepare workshops, build teams, finalize customer requirements, and set the project schedule.

Prepare customer facilities and infrastructure, set up the K.Motion solutions, and confirm solution readiness.

Conduct extensive testing (system, integration, performance), user training, and operational readiness tests.

Implement the go-live event, stabilize the system, and transition to WMS administration and continuous improvement processes.

Our Promise: Delivering Excellence Globally in Complex and Dynamic Environments

An iWMS Success Story – Discover how we helped Hims & Hers achieve rapid warehouse management system deployment in less than 100 days, even amid a global pandemic.

Körber’s Proven WMS Functionality

Körber, with vast global deployment experience in warehouse management solutions, brings expertise in supply chain processes and customer understanding. Their highly flexible warehouse management suite, backed by industry insights and 1,600+ successful deployments, streamlines operations. With global reach and local insight, Körber and iWMS offer comprehensive supply chain solutions and unmatched support.

Highly Adaptable

Customize our solution effortlessly to align with your business’s evolving needs. Our solutions support the needs of both small and medium-sized warehouses, offering competitive functionality right out of the box, and complex enterprise operations. Immediate visibility into inventory, people, and processes unlocks real-time insights.

Robust Functionality

Enjoy a top-tier solution for warehouse management, order processing, and beyond. Key capabilities include comprehensive warehouse management functionality, integrated resource and labour management, and add-on software modules for incremental functionality.

Configurable and Scalable

Grow your business seamlessly with our adaptable Körber Supply Chain WMS. Our configurable functionality provides the necessary flexibility to align the solution with your unique business processes and accommodate future changes. Integration capability for automation equipment from a variety of vendors ensures scalability to meet your evolving needs.

SaaS Deployment Option

Opt for our Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment option for added convenience and flexibility. Our SaaS deployment model offers the benefits of cloud-based solutions, including ease of access, scalability, and reduced IT infrastructure costs.

Seamless ERP with WMS Integrations

Integrating your ERP system with a WMS can pose implementation challenges. Discover our integration options so iWMS can rapidly enhance your operations.

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