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Warehouse Modelling and Simulation

Unlock the power of visualization and foresight with our Modelling and Simulation solution, CLASS. Seamlessly build a 3D or 2D model of your warehouse to swiftly simulate various configurations and operational changes, revolutionizing your warehouse management.

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Infographic: Warehouse simulation software

Trial new warehouse operations and configurations quickly and effortlessly

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What are your operational challenges?

Need for expansion

Warehouses face the challenge of accommodating increased demand due to rapid industry growth, often forcing expansion or relocation to larger sites.

Operational optimization

To meet growing demand and ensure efficiency, warehouses must constantly evaluate new technology and equipment, seeking adaptable solutions to enhance throughput and profitability.

Improve productivity

Complex warehouse processes can lead to congestion and inefficiencies, affecting overall productivity and performance.

Lack of flexibility

Traditional automation methods can be rigid and costly, making it difficult for companies to justify expenses and adapt to business growth.

Seasonal peaks

Sudden spikes in demand require efficient management of labour, equipment, and shipping windows to prevent process issues on the warehouse floor.

Evaluate automation, MHE, and robotic solutions

Continuous evaluation of new technology and equipment is essential for optimization and meeting operational demands effectively.

Key Benefits of CLASS

Warehouse modelling and simulation software offers a convenient platform to assess changes and updates using a digital model of your warehouse, saving time and resources associated with real-world implementations.

Create or replicate your warehouse digitally, including layout, workforce, equipment, storage systems, and workstations, to assess the impact of changes and analyse their effects on operations.

Actionable data and insights

Monitor and analyse every operation

Balance cost-to-serve

Test effective strategies

From Virtual to Reality

Warehouse simulation is increasingly emerging as a key decision-making tool to provide supply chain organizations the agility they need to change within an increasingly volatile business environment.

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