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Pay-Per-Click in The Year 2016 – Part 2

posted on July 21, 2016 / IN Pay-Per-Click / 0 Comments

The pay-per-click (PPC) landscape is ever changing. In the first half of this year alone we have seen some major announcements from Google AdWords that have shaken up the world of ecommerce and paid advertising in 2016.

During the Google Performance Summit held earlier this year the search giant introduced new upgrades, features, designs and product types to its AdWords and Analytics platforms.  We take a look at the four that caught our attention in relation to paid advertising.

Responsive Display Ads

To reduce the workload of having to create multiple creative sizes, Google has introduced Responsive Display Ads. What this means is that advertisers will only have to provide a URL, deadline, description and image and Google will create a responsive display ad for you!

This one really has us excited because we know how painstaking it can be to create ads for all the different formats. Google will figure out the best format your ad depending on where it is being presented. These ads will better integrate with the associated placement and not disrupt user consumption. This also allows advertisers to be more creative in the creation of their ads because they need to be versatile enough to work across a range of platforms.

New Targeting capabilities

Google has introduced Similar audiences for search functionality which allows brands to expand their high-engaging, but possibly low volume, remarketing audiences using lookalike modelling.

Along the same lines the search giant is also allowing brands to apply demographic parameters to search targeting, meaning advertisers can narrow searches based on age, gender and parenthood. This is great news because it means you now have the ability to real drill down on specific audiences for your campaigns.

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