Reasons to invest in SEO today! Part 2

SEO (search engine optimisation) is not an easy concept to understand and even harder to justify – as abstract concepts go, it’s at the top of the list (pun intended).

SEO promises to increase your online presence and the effectiveness of that presence by getting you to the top of search engine rankings. This is done by using the correct words and phrases potential customers will use in their searches, ensuring the content on your page is of a high quality and relevant to your prospective customers, and increasing the number of links and shares your page gets.

Yet the results of these efforts are not always very visible or measurable. It can sometimes feel like much ado about not much profit.

So does SEO really make a difference? Is it worth the time and money?

The answer is a resounding yes! There are many ways in which search engine optimisation adds value to your website or content pages. Let us look at some of the reasons why SEO can make a real difference to the perception of your brand and your bottom line.

This is the second part of our article on reasons why SEO is such a good idea.

  1. It’s measurable

Every element of your SEO can be electronically tracked, measured and quantified. By measuring this tracking continuously and using the correct formulations, you can literally work out to the last cent what your ROI is on the money you invested in SEO.

  1. It beats paid traffic

Research has shown that people tend to have more trust in organic search results   that they do in Pay-Click-Click (PPC) advertising. Ironically, SEO drives the large majority of search  traffic with the smallest part of the marketing budget, while PPC provides the smallest part of search traffic with the largest portion of marketing expenditure. Ignoring SEO in favour of the relatively easier PPC should be done at your own peril.

  1. It builds trust and credibility

But positioning your brand exactly where you want it to be, with the necessary credibility and ease of access, the consumer comes to see you as the standard by which to measure the industry. If your brand continuously appears at the top of search results and consistently “represent” the entire industry, you become synonymous with everything the product or service ought to be.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the name of the process used to optimise a website’s content, structure and quality in order to improve its organic visibility in search engines. SEO includes a number of processes such as keyword research, content development, site speed optimisation, structured title and description creation and improved website architecture.

  1. It’s effective over both the long and the short term

SEO can multitask. If you are a business owner and want instant results (or at least within a few days), you can achieve sufficient visibility and credibility to up your sales simply by implementing effective and strategic search engine optimisation. And it will still be cheaper than PPC. And then there are those long-term goals. If done correctly, SEO can also maintain your top position in the search result ranking over a period of years, making sure that you are not only seen as the most relevant, credible and trustworthy authority in your specific line of product or service delivery; but that this in fact increases – after all, if you can stay at the top for years, clearly you must be the best in the biz?

  1. It’s an ongoing process with endless opportunity

By nature, SEO is continuous – there is no set time schedule or term according to which this kind of marketing is run – how long it remains effective is totally dependent on how effective and on-target your search engine optimisation strategy is. If your SEO strategy has the right direction and spot-on key elements, it can remain self-sufficient for years, with the minimum of fine-tuning and upkeep. Keep tweaking and reviewing it, and you can stay in the top spot for yonks. You can always add new developments and innovations by using the same (successful) recipe, using fewer resources to keep the momentum going and your brand on top.

  1. It’s highly targeted with high conversion potential

By using keywords and phrases, SEO targets exactly the audience you need. It is important not to rely only on keywords, as there are other determinants in what makes SEO successful, but a specialist will know exactly how to structure your content and position your search specification to reach your target consumer without much ado. The point of SEO is to facilitate a meeting or connection between you as seller and the consumer as your audience without unnecessary delay or run-around. And when the right product or service offering is delivered to the consumer in an accurately and timeous manner, it automatically means a high conversion rate.

  1. It can be outsourced

While you probably already have a killer marketing team in place, along with a marketing strategy to make the angels sing, SEO is something you can easily outsource. An SEO expert can maximise your search engine effectiveness and success without needing to be part of the on-site team of champions. See him or her as the expert who gets called in for a specific job – brain surgeon that snips and sews and then is gone, leaving you in the capable hands of your GP when it comes to colds and flu. While you might pay more for this specialised service, an expert is worth the money in the long run because once the job is done well initially, it’s done for good and will only require tweaking, boosting your brand consistently and continuously.

  1. It’s free advertising you can control

Google and its cronies of search engines are encrypted and programmed to rank your page. This means that, if you neglect to implement SEO, you will regrettable be ranked in any case. Except you will have no control over the quality of the criteria points – a bit like driving a car without having access to the petrol, the brakes or the steering wheel. By taking control of your search engine optimisation you can determine where you would like your page and your brand to be positioned; according to which keyword and phrases and also by the company it keeps (the links and shares it gets). Take advantage of SEO by using it to promote your service offering on your terms.

SEO is an unmissable marketing tool in the digital arena and although it has evolved over time, adapting to search engine criteria and parameters, it is still a basic yet super-productive way to boost your brand and lift sales through sound business practice and clever positioning.

You want to be at the tip of the food chain, or in this case, the search engine rankings. With the right SEO partner, this is easy and very, very lucrative. Check out our final installment on why you need SEO in your business here.

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