Reasons to invest in SEO today! Part 3

SEO (search engine optimisation) is not an easy concept to understand and even harder to justify – as abstract concepts go, it’s at the top of the list (pun intended).

SEO promises to increase your online presence and the effectiveness of that presence by getting you to the top of search engine rankings. This is done by using the correct words and phrases potential customers will use in their searches, ensuring the content on your page is of a high quality and relevant to your prospective customers, and increasing the number of links and shares your page gets.

So why does SEO make such a great difference? Read on in this final part of our article on the reasons why SEO is a must-have.

  1. It’s rooted in user intent

SEO is all about the consumer. This makes it a less adversarial form of marketing – after all, you are not telling the customer what he wants, you are merely helping him to find that which he already decided he would like to have. Yes, you are telling him that you are his best option and the greatest ever and that there are thousands of reasons why you should provide it … but you are not trying to force him into thinking he doesn’t already have in mind. You are providing a solution. Tailor SEO in such a way that the customer sees you as the expert who offers the perfect product or service that is the leader in the market and which answers his every need and he will actually be grateful to buy from you!

  1. It’s an investment

While SEO is part of your marketing budget and certainly is executed as a marketing activity; it would be more prudent to see it as an investment in your brand’s growth and establishment. With effective and responsible SEO, you can lay the foundation of your brand as the gold standard as well as ensure that you will be seen as the market leader and industry expert for a long time to come. Done right, SEO will become a continuous process and will perpetuate itself with the minimum of tweaking and maintenance. If you can remain relevant and ensure that the brand stays in the top tiers of search results, you have established the longevity of your brand as market leader.

  1. It’s pricing can be tailored to your business needs

Depending on your budget, business model, type of product or service and marketing strategy, SEO can be tailor-made and accordingly priced to suit your pocket. As with most things in life, what you put in is what you get out, but it is not set in stone and offers some leeway. A very small budget will restrict SEO too much, but if you are willing to spend, you won’t have to break the bank to get amazing results; and in no time, SEO will prove its worth and become an investment worth making in comparison with and in light of its pay-off.

  1. It can be tweaked to work for you, no matter what you sell

SEO is not limited by the type of product or service your brand champions. Basically, it works like this: If you can Google it (or search via another search engine), you can use SEO on it. SEO is about the need people have for information on the product or service; it is about how they go about looking for it and learning about it. The moment you position yourself as the expert, the ace, the top dog in the industry – that is the moment when you can sell ice to Eskimos, providing you are the internet’s expert on ice.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the name of the process used to optimise a website’s content, structure and quality in order to improve its organic visibility in search engines. SEO includes a number of processes such as keyword research, content development, site speed optimisation, structured title and description creation and improved website architecture.

  1. It’s your secret weapon in the tough marketing arena

Setting up a web page and creating a digital presence is beyond easy in today’s day and age. The web is overrun by websites, with brands standing shoulder to shoulder around the consumer. It has become so populated that the consumer, for all intents and purposes, cannot see the wood for the trees. What you need to be is the tallest tree, the brightest and toughest and the most attractive. Let SEO help you to stand out and utilise every single asset you can muster to gain a competitive edge over your competition. An SEO expert can find the most lucrative, keywords and niches to boost you that bit higher than the rest and grab the attention of the consumer that few seconds sooner.

  1. It’s integral to your marketing strategy

Marketing is a many-faced monster and each of those aspects is a necessary element to ensure the success of the whole. SEO is an important element of your marketing strategy, as it is about positioning your brand at the top of the list, at the place where it will become the most credible and desirable option. It’s all about location, location, location; and SEO is what is going to get you the prime spot, the top location where you need to be to beat the competition.

  1. It’s an advantage in a buyers’ market

There are many, many people selling your product or service offering out there. Competition is not tough, it’s deadly. The customer is king and is not afraid to wield that power. What you need is to get to the customer first and convince him or her not only that your brand is the best, but that it is the only one they should consider. By getting your brand to the top of the search engine result and staying at the top of that list, you achieve exactly that. The buyer wants the best, so you must be the best. And the best is found at the top of the list; it is always number one.

  1. It’s a must-have, not a nice-to-have

While it remains an abstract concept, especially to business owners who did not grow up in the digital age and have not had the internet as a constant in their lives from scratch, you must remember that we are fully into the digital age now and can never go back. It is here to stay, and you need to do what is needed to ensure that you stay up to date, relevant and at the forefront of any advantage you can get. And SEO brings that advantage. It is no longer something extra, a new thing that people can use to extend their brand’s reach by its newfangledness. It is a must-have; a necessity to stay in front of the wave and position your brand as a leader and not one of the thousands of followers. It must be built into your website from the start, be infused into your digital footprint and part of every facet of your marketing strategy.

SEO is an unmissable marketing tool in the digital arena and although it has evolved over time, adapting to search engine criteria and parameters, it is still a basic yet super-productive way to boost your brand and lift sales through sound business practice and clever positioning.

You want to be at the tip of the food chain, or in this case, the search engine rankings. With the right SEO partner, this is easy and very, very lucrative.

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