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SA Lockdown: The time for webinars

With the outbreak and the subsequent 21-day national lockdown, this is an extremely uncertain time for businesses. How will they be able to generate income during the lockdown? How will employees cope with working remotely? And how will brands ensure that they remain on customer’s minds until after the lockdown?

While these circumstances may not be the most ideal for any business, there is no reason to panic. Thanks to technology, brands have a way of keeping in touch with customers during the lockdown through webinars. These webinars can, therefore, ensure they remain in people’s minds throughout this period of social distancing.

The benefits of webinars include:

Allows you to communicate with your customers – without being in the same room

This is an extremely important and most appealing benefit of webinars during the current global situation. By hosting a webinar, you are still able to have valuable ‘face-to-face’ time with your customers without actually being face-to-face.

Develops authority and trust

Through webinars, business leaders are able to share their expertise about the industry and skills with their customers. They can also take about things such as the advantages of their products or services. This sharing of knowledge will start to create a feeling of authority that will be associated with your brand. The webinars will also put a face to the business, therefore, giving it a ‘human feel’ which helps to instil trust within your customers.

Creates a relationship with your customers

Webinars apposed to events or conferences seem much more personal. Even though the speaker may be speaking to a thousand people, because as a viewer, it is just you and them, it almost feels like a one-on-one experience. This means that unlike a conference where a customer knows that you are speaking to many different people at the same time, in a webinar a customer can feel as if you are speaking to them and their experiences personally. This helps to create a more personal and loyal relationship with your customers which will ensure that you are able to maintain customer loyalty throughout the lockdown.

Raises brand awareness

Through webinar series or long session, you will be able to explore topics about your business and its products or services in much more depth than ever before. This new information that is then made available to customers allows them to become more informed about the brand itself, therefore, raising brand awareness.

Can be recorded

The beauty about webinars is that people can watch it in real-time or they can watch it later if they weren’t able to watch the live version. This is because webinars can be recorded, allowing businesses to upload the webinar to their website so that customers can go back and rewatch it or catch it later. This is also good for a company’s video marketing as it can be shared to their YouTube page and shared on social media to gain more exposure and brand awareness.

If you would like to take full advantage of webinars during the lockdown, we can help. Contact us to find out more about our webinar services.

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Keegan Long

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