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Using Humour in Your Marketing Campaign

Humour is a lot like insurance- some people get it, some people don’t.

A good joke, unlike the one I attempted to make, is worth remembering. And therein may be the key to a good marketing campaign- using humour to make it memorable.

Why bother?

Living amongst people has made me somewhat of an expert in the ways of the human.

Personal discoveries throughout my 26 years upon this plane have unearthed a few conclusions: some people cannot drink milk, nobody understands what cauliflower does, and humans like humour almost as much as they like violence.

While we cannot use violence to advertise our products (unless that violence is also comedic), we certainly can still be using humour.

A recent study of advertising during the Covid-19 pandemic shows that only 1 in 4 people think that using humour should be avoided in ads. 75% of people agree that the person certainly hadn’t gotten the joke.

Humour works. Physical and situational comedy are some of the hardest working societal stimuli that marketers have at their disposal. They are tropes that can be translated across all languages- including our 12th National Language.

It has Benefits???

We’re going to be using a bit of math to illustrate how using humour shows that your product can solve a problem. Stay with me:

People don’t want problems.

Jokes are a little escape from problems.

You’re advertising a product.

Problem needs solution. Solution is your product.

You want that to come across.

Take Jokes (escape from problems) and merge with product (solution to problems).

Humour helps sell product.

People remember that.

End of problems.

What humours I can using?

It would be better to use targeted humour, rather than humour that is targeting something. By that I mean- define your target audience, think of the people who use your product, and write for them. But don’t make an industry/ex-wife the target of your frustration.

Use some memes. The internet loves memes. Make em good, and your brand becomes lovable.

Puns are plays that don’t require you to sit through a pre-school theatre production.

Whatever your choice of joke, jest remember that you need to take your customer on a journey. Put them in the humour equivalent of a 2007 Honda S2000 and drive them to you.

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Alister Ho
Alister Ho

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