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Voice-overs: are they really necessary?

To use voice-overs or not to use voice-overs? That is the question. While deciding whether or not to make use of voice-overs maybe not be as dramatic as Hamlet’s speech, it is a crucial question video marketers need to ask themselves. While most people assume the imagery of a video is the most critical aspect of a video, they tend to overlook the vast benefits of using human voices in conjunction with the imagery.

Here are some of the reasons you need to consider voice-overs as part of your video marketing strategy:

  1. Adds a human touch

A smooth and beautiful voice that is easy to listen to can provoke emotions within an audience only by changing the tone of their voice. This tone of voice helps to set the mood of the video, which causes the viewer to identify and sympathise with that particular emotion subconsciously. This makes the video feel more personal to the audience and therefore adds a human touch to it.

When choosing a voice artist, you have to look for a voice that has life and personality rather than a monotonous voice. This helps give the video character, helping it to stand out.

The voice-over also makes the audience feel as if they are personally being spoken to by the voice-over artist, therefore, making the entire process of consuming the video more personal and human.

Video marketing involves incorporating videos into your digital marketing campaigns to promote your company, drive sales, raise awareness of your products or services, or engage your customers. Video marketing not only helps you connect with your audience but boosts information retention as well, meaning more people will remember your brand.

  1. Increases brand credibility

When the audience hears an appealing voice on an advert or a branded video, it will make the audience feel more comfortable, therefore helping them to trust the brand. While videos without a voice-over do not generate mistrust, the reassuring sound of a human voice creates a connection with the audience; therefore, instilling trust and boosting the credibility of the brand.

  1. Reduces costs and production time

With the addition of a voice-over, video editors will have to spend less time animating text. This is exceptionally cost-effective for companies that outsource their marketing as you will often be charged by the hour. Therefore voice-overs save time in the editing process, which means that you will be charged for fewer hours, saving you money.

  1. Triggers call to action

The entire point of any marketing is to get customers to take action and buy your product/service. An engaging voice-over will keep your audience watching long enough to see or hear the call to action. When the voice artist records the call to action, ensure it is said concisely and clearly. The right voice-over will act as a guide for your viewers to your website or store to buy your product or service.

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Alister Ho
Alister Ho

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