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We Need to Talk About UX Writing

UX Writing- Everyone and their aunt has heard the term online. But what is UX Writing, and why should copywriters stock it in their arsenal of writing techniques?

What is UX Writing?

It is the subtle art of writing to help users navigate a product.

Whether it be writing instructions to guide a first-time user, menus, error messages, buttons on a website, or offering teeny tiny nudges to the user- enticing them towards your product.

It’s kinda like that instruction leaflet that came with the bottle of cough syrup you had last flu season- but on the web.

The essence of UX Writing is to keep it intuitive, concise, and always human. For some remote UX Writers, it is the most human-to-human contact they get.

UX Writers specialise in a form of internet penmanship called ‘Microcopy’. This is not copy for ants. Rather, the amalgamation of all the small pieces of writing that help guide a user experience.

Why Should I Care?

UX Writers are in demand.

The internet has become the go-to hub of global business trade.

Companies want people who don’t sound like robots guiding consumers through their website, product range, and offerings.

It’s not kosher business practice to leave your audience stuck in the wilderness with no guidance. Companies realise this, and they need UX Writers to help them along in their business.

If you like writing, this is going to be pretty holistic to you. You get to, through empathy, help people navigate a company or website without getting stuck. What’s more, you get to write for a living!

I do believe UX Writing adds a level of clarification to a copywriter’s work. If you can explain things to humans in a simpler way, you can get your message across more easily. And if you can do that, you can start changing minds and shaping perceptions. A superpower to be used wisely, methinks.

The Average UX Writer Salary

The average UX Writer Salary is somewhere around $9000/month.

That’s a lot of dollars to add to your 2007 Honda S2000 fund.

Where Do I Learn UX Writing?

I’ve found 3 places that may be of interest to you (they certainly are to me).

Udemy has three reasonably priced courses that I’ve found: An Introduction to UX Writing, how to Transition Into UX Writing, and a Complete Course to Microcopy and UX Writing. The first two can assist in learning more about what UX Writing is. The third is really cool, all-encompassing and worth saving up for. And you get a certificate of completion that you can add to your collection.

UX Writing Hub offers a free course on the basic and product design. They even have a full 6 Month Course that allows you to work on real projects, putting your theory to good use.

Good ol’ Skillshare has a plethora of courses to get you into a microcopy headspace and start your journey into the foray of UX Writing. You can attend as many classes as you want for only $36/month.

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Alister Ho
Alister Ho

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