Webinar Wonder: Get it Right in 3 Easy Steps!

The future of content marketing is, you guessed it, webinars. Webinars have become a cool marketing tool for businesses that want something more than online videos.

How about online video workshops where your brand can engage with its audience and build credibility and drive more sales? Yes, please.

If you are new to webinars, don’t worry. We’ve put together three easy steps you can take today to get started with the basics.

  1. Create Your Webinar

You will need webinar software to get started. Making a success of webinar starts with choosing the right webinar software that can give you the most value and ROI for your business.

Creating a new webinar should feel easy and intuitive in the software of your choice.  Enter your webinar title, set a date and time, and proceed with registration and other details, such as email notifications for participants.

  1. Share Your Webinar

Once your webinar setup is ready, you will receive a link to the webinar that you can share with your targeted audience. This is how you invite your audience, either publicly or privately. Private webinars are attended only by those you specifically invite by sharing the webinar link with them. The attendees click the link to be taken to your presentation.

In public webinars, anyone interested in your content can join. Your initial participants can reshare your webinar link. Promote the webinar through social media, for example, for more people to join the conversation. If you want to create brand awareness and get more leads, we recommend going the public route.

  1. Host the Webinar

You have created the webinar and invited your audience. The next part is the most important: hosting the webinar! Here you can decide on the webinar format and its contents. You can either do a live webinar and host on camera, or opt for a voiceover of a slideshow presentation, or a combination of both. Simple or more complex, it’s your choice.

Choose an effective and easy to use webinar tool that gives you enough options to conduct your presentation, modify the layout according to your needs, and interact with your audience without problems. Nowadays, with more advanced webinar tools, you should be able to upload images and slides, use calls to action, chat with attendees, answer questions.

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