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What is a WEBINAR?

Webinar is a web-based seminar utilizing video conferencing software to engage with a large audience while conducting a presentation, lecture or seminar and not have guests spend time or money on traveling to a physical location.

Benefits of a WEBINAR

There are numerous benefits to hosting a Webinar. The greatest functionality and benefits are the ability to interact in real-time while receiving, distributing and discussing information. Participants can share documents and applications with Webinar participants.

A webinar comes in great use when transferring or sharing information and is a great tool to make use of and communicate via live streaming. The presenter can share documents and desktop applications while conducting a presentation or lecture.

Webinars can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • Build-up business contacts – Holding a webinar is a great way to introduce new businesses and start building a brand.
  • Promote a product – Webinars are the perfect platform to sell and promote products. Promoting books and videos by way of a webinar is a fantastic medium.
  • Showcase business – Webinars allow businesses to display their products and reach a larger target audience.
  • Close communication – Webinars make business more personal and allow for closer communication with existing clients.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

A webinar is not the same as a Webcast, the data transmission is one way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience. Having the ability to live stream from anywhere in the world is the greatest benefit of hosting a webinar.

Accessing YouTube and being able to make use of such a platform to engage with a mass audience is one of the very appealing aspects of this tool and can act as a powerful spring board for communicating a message.  From hosting online conferences, seminars and lectures to sales and marketing presentations, businesses in every industry can benefit from this dynamic way of communication.

The benefits of utilizing a webinar are endless and as a young entrepreneur looking to start a new business, this is a fabulous tool to engage your target audience and build relationships with existing clients, while simultaneously creating new ones.

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Keegan Long
Keegan Long

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