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What are shoppable posts?

A shoppable post looks like a regular post where displayed products are tagged and link to the seller’s website. Shoppable posts are an online marketing tool that breaks down the products and makes it easy for consumers to understand and make purchasing decisions; it values the consumer’s time and needs.

Features of an effective shoppable post:

  • Have a link in your bio that will lead consumers straight to your website or product.
  • Have a link that goes only with the product that you are marketing on your page.
  • Always limit your steps – make it easy for consumers to reach the payment process.
  • Have a tap to buy links that leads straight to the products and payment option is essential and efficient.
  • Show the price of the product being marketed.

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Examples and Types of Instagram Shoppable Posts

A shoppable Instagram post is an excellent example of an efficient shoppable post. Instagram provides two options for the creation of these posts.

  1. A shoppable Instagram post:
  • Usually has a shopping bag icon that is located on the lower, left-hand corner of the post.
  • By clicking on the photo, a price tag and product name or description will pop up.
  1. A shoppable Instagram story
  • It is a familiar story with a tagged product or Instagram post.
  • Consumers can click on the product to get more information.

Creating Shoppable Instagram Post

You first need to have an Instagram business profile, or you may need to create one to be eligible for Instagram shopping. Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page and create away.

A shoppable post is not pushy or aggressive but is soft and consumer-friendly. Investing in digital marketing can help you market your product online from creating websites to shoppable posts. The marketing and consumer landscape are evolving and entering the digital marketing space is essential to keep your business alive and tell your digital story.

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