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Bring life to your brand

Communicate your key message through engaging animation.

If a picture paints a thousands words imagine what twenty five frames a second can do! Every animation we create helps illustrate the story behind a brand, product or service through the magic of motion. We take the complex and turn it into something we can all understand.

Simplify your message with an animated video that packs a punch!

Get Noticed

We help you create eye-catching explainer videos that tell your story in a unique and compelling way.

Get More Engagement

With an animated explainer video, you can create a buzz, engage your followers, educate your audience, or get your employees talking about the things that matter.

Get Results

From building an audience to training employees, whatever your goal is, an engaging explainer video helps you get the right results.

Customers are 81% more likely to make a purchase after having seen animation videos than reading plain text.

2D Animation

2D animation can be used for a wide range of objectives, from developing fun and straightforward animated images for entertainment purposes to creating an informative 2D explainer sales presentation for digital marketing and promoting business purposes. Our animators can help you create a bespoke crafted 2D animation to assist you in delivering your message in style and attractive ways.

3D Animation

3D animation can be used in several ways, including as an advert and commercial, plans and architectural designs, stills, motion graphics and CGI, explainer videos and learning tools, and much more. 3D animation is an excellent tool if you want to create virtual things that resemble what it looks like in reality. We can help you bring your idea to life with our sophisticated tools and creative animators and designers.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics animation focuses on giving movement to graphic design elements, usually without following a specific narrative or story. By providing motion graphics to your logo or text, you can grab more attention from the viewers, so it is usually used for branding or television title sequences. Motion graphics can also be combined with other types of animation, such as whiteboard animation or character animation, to give it a story and look more appealing.


Hear what they say

Alister is a consummate professional and I enjoy working with him and his team immensely. He always gets what I want and the results that they provide always beats my expectations.


The Digital Cloud team is diligent and their work is always to an extremely high standard. They always grasp the concepts they I am trying to explain and the end result is better than I anticipated.


In my opinion you will struggle to find a better digital marketing team than Digital Cloud. I recommend them to all my customers and partners.


Deneys Minne – Executive Director, Strategix

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The Rise of AI Animation

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The Rise of AI Animation

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    Digital Cloud

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